About Nathan

Sports coach

Specialising in football, I have experience coaching in Spain and at the academy level in England.

My main aim at Galactico Sports is to provide children sessions of the highest quality in a safe and fun environment.

I believe I get the best out of children with my enthusiasm and pure love of the game.

About Maddie

Swim coach

Maddie has taught swimming for 12 years which is amazing for her age!

Maddie has come from a high quality and intense swimming background and has competed at local, regional and national levels.

Maddie transfers her passion and enjoyment of being in the water to the children she teaches. 

About Galactico Sports


We provide high-quality sports coaching and cater for any age!

We aim to make our sessions both enjoyable and challenging.

We provide consideration and care to ensure all our sessions are completely safe and are in line with safeguarding procedures.

Galactico Sports are on a mission to be the best, you will receive the best sports coaching from our coaches.

We always look to hit our primary goal, and that goal is developing our client.

Development of the client comes as standard at Galactico Sports, we look at enhancing the physical, mental, social and technical elements of the individual.

Every session is personal to the player, no session is the same to ensure you reach your maximum potential.

“The team at Galactico Sports have transformed my kids sports; They love it and look forward to their weekly sessions, they’re improvement is incredible.